Diabetic Foot and Neuropathy

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects approximately 16 million Americans. Many complications are associated with diabetes due to disruption of the vascular system affecting our eyes, kidneys, legs and feet. Diabetes often causes peripheral vascular disease that slows blood circulation. This circulation often slows in the lower legs and feet causing dry skin, slow healing, and swelling. Ulceration, infection and other serious foot conditions are often caused by poor circulation.

Diabetic Neuropathy can cause insensitivity or a loss of ability for the diabetic to feel pain, heat and cold. Prevention is the key in maintaining a healthy injury free diabetic foot. Properly fit extra depth footwear is critical in preventing ulcerations on the diabetic foot. The tendency is to fit footwear too short due to insensitivity. A heat molded diabetic insert helps off load pressure points and properly support the diabetic foot. Diabetic socks help reduce any binding on the leg or foot and preventing excessive moisture due to swelling that can cause the foot to dry out and skin to crack. Consult your diabetic doctor and podiatrist on a regular basis.

We do carry a large selection of Diabetic footwear and have trained professionals that can aid in your footwear selection.


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