Custom Footwear / AFO / Lacer / Chopart Boots

Custom footwear is typically needed when there is a lower leg and/or foot deformity or when dealing with special diabetic or arthritic conditions.  One of our on-site Certified Pedorthists will perform a Pedorthic assessment and evaluate any special conditions, range of motion, gait analysis, customer history and more before moving forward with the casting for a custom shoe.  After molding the foot, we work closely with the professionals at Jerry Miller Custom shoes and are able to provide multiple styles, colors and fastening options to choose from, depending on the individual needs and preferences.  




AFO - (Ankle Foot Orthosis) A brace made of metal, hard plastic or other materials that is worn on the lower leg and foot.  The AFO provides support and can help correct the position of your foot and ankle.  An AFO can be extremely beneficial for drop foot.



Chopart's amputation is the surgical removal of the foot through the mid-tarsal joint but retaining the calcaneus, talus and other parts of the tarsus. Post-surgery, most doctors recommend a Chopart boot.  The primary goal with the Chopart boot is to restore stability and function that has been lost due to an amputation.


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