Gizeh Platform - Metallic Copper Leather 1013572 (Regular)

Birkenstock, Papillio


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Talk about a fashion show on your foot.  Check out the Gizeh Platform Metallic Copper Leather sandal

Feel inspired with Papillio by Birkenstock

  • Provides the heritage of the Birkenstock footbed
  • Is the embodiment of substance and style
  • Delivers quality, comfort and beauty
  • Footbed Edging is elevated to protect your feet, especially the toes
  • Toe-Grip provides support and helps assist the foot's natural rolling movement
  • Helps improve circulation
  • The raised support in the center of the shoe promotes correct posture
  • Helps prevent fallen arches
  • Suede Leather Lining for comfort and breathability
  • The longitudinal arch supports secure proper alignment and balance of the foot
  • The deep heel cup cradles the heel securely and keeps the natural padding where it belongs

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